Climate Change

It's real. You know it. Our friends and families know it. Our scientific, business, and military communities know it, too. It's time that our elected officials stop denying it. America is on the cusp of real progress against the causes of man-made climate change - what's standing in our way? Elected officials peddling the denial of basic science in the interest of businesses profiting from the dirty energies corrupting our atmosphere. That's an obstacle we can overcome together.

Virginia Climate Change Facts

Climate Change in Virginia

It's already being felt. Virginia's highest-in-the-nation heat indexes are getting worse. The suffocating combo of heat and humidity is already choking our children as asthma rates climb. We face the threat of skyrocketing food prices, devastation to our beloved coastline, and potentially tragic storms like Sandy or Katrina. Yet we have an opportunity on November 5th to make sure Virginia's next governor is someone who will take protecting the Commonwealth seriously.

Be a Climate Voter

What does that mean? While you and your friends may have voted for President last year, those making the worst decisions on climate change, in your name, are too often elected when no one is paying attention. By becoming a Virginia Climate Voter, you're committing to vote on climate issues in elections like the one happening this November 5th. You'll be on the front lines keeping climate deniers like Ken Cuccinelli from sneaking into higher office when no one is looking. You can make a real difference in this election, on this issue, with your vote. What are you waiting for?

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